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Hold to the faith – but listen like the Fathers

Our time has many similarities with the Roman Empire, said Fr Dwight Longenecker at his blog. “Trade and business flowed from India and China to Spain and Britain, from France to Egypt and beyond, and where there was trade there was movement of people and where there was movement of people there was movement of ideas.” That made the Empire “a whirling marketplace of philosophies, ideologies, religions, spiritual movements, cults and sects”.

The Church Fathers’ response was to accept what was true, while rejecting what was false, in these other traditions. “The heretic Marcion rejected Judaism. The orthodox Fathers accepted it, but transformed it. The heretic Tatian rejected Greek thought and religion. The orthodox Fathers accepted it and transformed it.”

Beijing is ‘holding up’ talks with the Vatican

Beijing is stalling in talks with the Vatican, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The paper said that, according to people familiar with the dialogue, a meeting was planned in Rome later this month at which Vatican officials would agree to recognise seven excommunicated bishops appointed by the government ­– a move that would force two underground bishops to resign.

But Beijing has so far declined to agree on a date for the meeting. A source familiar with Vatican thinking told the paper the Vatican was “unenthusiastic” about the agreement but “resigned to it as the best possibility on the table”. Beijing was “holding up the process for unknown reasons”.

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