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Alarm over the new translation of the Lord’s Prayer? Not so much.

In defence of Dutch bishops LifeSiteNews.com had reported that Dutch Catholics were “raising the alarm” after bishops updated the Our Father. It said that the new translation, from “lead us not into temptation” to “lead us not into trial”, was part of a tendency to ignore sin and continued the Church’s decades of “destructive innovation”.

But Mark de Vries, at his In Caelo et in Terra blog, said the new translation was a way of ensuring that the original text, from the mouth of Christ himself, was respected.

The amendment, he said, was a response to changes in meaning in the Dutch language.

“Not to introduce a new concept which wasn’t there in the original, but to stay closer to that original meaning … So, no, there is no revolt brewing, and neither is there an ideological agenda being pursued.”

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