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An embarrassing admission – but why?

My wife dreads being asked what she does for a living, said Tom Utley in the Daily Mail. “It’s not that she’s ashamed of her job – on the contrary, she’s proud of it and enjoys the fulfilment of working for what she regards as a hugely important cause” – namely, the pro-life movement.

But her job for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children doesn’t always go down well “in the metropolitan, middle-class circles in which we move”.

It is, Utley said, “a desperately sad reflection on our society” that pro-lifers are now being banned from outside abortion clinics – as happened last week in Ealing. The pro-life vigils have been accused of harassment, which they deny. “All I can say, because I have Mrs U’s word for it, is that the people who run the group disapprove strongly of bullying and regard it as counter-productive.”

There’s another aspect to this. “In the huge majority of cases, perhaps needless to say, their efforts come to nothing. “But on those rare occasions when they succeed in persuading women to carry a pregnancy through to childbirth, the results are often profoundly moving. They say the mothers concerned almost always bless them ever afterwards for talking them out of abortion and helping them through.”

What Michelangelo didn’t design

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