Age of Terror: Art Since 9/11

Imperial War Museum, London, until May 28

“When I watch the towers fall … it cannot be denied … that as a spectacle it is a realisation of the mind” – the dolorous vocals play, primal and slowed down, over dubstep artist Shackleton’s eerie Blood on my Hands track.

Age of Terror, the exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, goes straight to the jugular of our malaise – 9/11 – and explores its sundry fluvial arteries.

At first, being at an exhibition about the War on Terror evokes a positive feeling of responsibility. We feel like good citizens, because we are grappling with a subject that is palpably part of the political dialogue.

And then, like a patient being cured of a parasite, we are able to appreciate how systemically the language of the War on Terror has been ingrained into our consciousness.

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