Leaving the EU is the Catholic thing to do

SIR – Fr Ashley Beck (Letter, September 9) remarks on the “negative” approach of Catholic Leave advocates, and the dearth of specifically Catholic arguments for quitting the EU, enabling “many Catholics to ignore the selfishness and outright racism of the campaigners they supported”.

Speaking personally, I have battled against racism since my teenage years and would never support anyone who espoused racist views; like many other Leave supporters, religious and non-religious, it has always deeply concerned me that our historic ties to the Commonwealth, which included heroic sacrifice in two world wars, were jettisoned in order to belong to what has been described as a “rich white man’s club”. Indeed, it was a condition of membership that the Commonwealth be sacrificed, and as a consequence, Commonwealth citizens were definitely put “at the back of the queue” regarding immigration.

Not that the rest of the world has been neglected – Europe has been at the forefront of imposing population control on the poor countries, a campaign in which, to its shame, our own country has joined with gusto. As to bringing peace to Europe, the “open borders” policy has brought fear and insecurity – and, yes, racism – while the continual emphasis on “minority culture”, far from increasing respect for diversity, has ghettoised minorities. Meanwhile, marginalising Christianity has led to a spiritual vacuum filled by consumerism, addictions, disposable relationships, abortion, euthanasia, crime and terrorism.

Very few Leavers expected immigration to cease, and I for one would not want it to; with the world becoming ever more dangerous, increasing numbers now seek a safe refuge, but thanks to uncontrolled immigration, “asylum” has become a dirty word. On this and many other issues, leaving the EU might be the most Catholic thing we could do.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Farmer (Mrs)

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