New York’s supreme court has ruled that the remains of Archbishop Fulton Sheen should be moved from St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York to the Illinois city of Peoria, settling a two-year dispute.

The court ruled in favour of a request from the Sheen family, who wanted his remains to be moved to Peoria, where he was raised and ordained a priest.

The ruling may lead to the restarting of Sheen’s Cause, which was suspended because of the dispute in 2014.

The court heard arguments in favour of the transfer from lawyers for Archbishop Sheen’s niece, Joan Sheen Cunningham, as well as those from the Archdiocese of New York, which sought to keep the remains of the media pioneer at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City, where he was entombed following his death in 1979.

The Diocese of Peoria has been a promoter of Archbishop Sheen’s Cause for more than 14 years. The ruling is seen as a major factor in allowing his Cause to move forward. The New York Archdiocese has decided to appeal the decision.

Among the reasons cited for disinterment is that the move would aid in the canonisation process, that Archbishop Sheen’s parents are buried nearby in Peoria, and that the city’s St Mary’s Cathedral is where Archbishop Sheen was ordained a priest and a place he visited often.

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