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The mainstream media are in crisis. How Christians should respond, asks Maggie Gallagher


Rodney Stark exposes the myth of the Protestant work ethic.

Eamon Duffy has written another groundbreaking study of the Reformation, says Jack Scarisbrick

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Dan Hitchens ask who will protect Egypt’s beleaguered Christians

Melissa Kite wonders if lying should be illegal

Michael Davis on why Catholics dominate the West’s new right-wing movements

Colin Brazier recalls a journalist who joked in Latin

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon on why he’s glad it’s Lent

William Cash says it’s time for a Tory split

Mary Kenny names her favourite pope

Pastor Iuventus on how to really end the abuse crisis

Daniel Johnson explores Michael Novak’s dark night of the soul

Ronald Rolheiser on the pleasures of self-righteousness

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