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In Oklahoma City this week on the Feast of the Assumption, Satanists held a Black Mass during which they desecrated a statue of the Virgin Mary. American bishops spoke out and urged Catholics to come together and pray for peace and healing.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, delivered an impassioned plea: “I ask and beseech each of you to unite with me on this day as I offer Holy Mass and pray a Holy Rosary in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us also pray for the poor souls that are perpetrating these blasphemies. I urge you to invite your family members, your friends and other fellow Catholics to join in this act of reparation.”

But what happened in Oklahoma is uncomfortably familiar for Aurora Griffin, former student at Harvard Unviersity. Aurora writes this week about the day she discovered that Satanists planned to host a Black Mass on campus with the risk of the Eucharist being desecrated. This is her story:

1:04: How it all began…

2:41: What support did Aurora receive from Harvard pastors?

4:30: “The most precious thing in the world”

6:01: A question of religious freedom?

9:25: The fightback

11:20: “The most terrifying people I had seen in my life…”

13:56: The power of Grace

16:01: Are Black Masses spreading?

17:00: Defending the Good

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