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Fr Rother was killed by a death squad in Guatemala in 1981

Bishop Castro said there is a ‘great deal of solidarity, thank God, but it is not enough’

“A nominee’s faith should have nothing to do with his or her qualifications to be a federal judge. Period.”

The archbishop said the line of questioning was ‘contrary to our Constitution and our best national traditions’

The shrine has never been damaged by a hurricane since it was dedicated in 1922

He said the bishops ‘need illegal aliens to fill the churches’

Senior bishops called President Trump’s child immigration decision ‘heartless’ and ‘unacceptable’

About 20 priests and nearly 2,000 laypeople gathered at the site

Ten attorney state generals oppose an existing programme designed to protect immigrants who arrived in the US as children

The message will be an invitation to all people ‘to adopt a respectful and responsible approach toward creation’